​Digital Content / Social Media / Market Research Experience

Business Analyst in Product                                       Dose Media (Feb. 2016 – June 2016)
    Established from scratch a cheap-to-run digital brand lift surveying infrastructure to measure the impact of Dose's advertising on driving our targeted audience through the purchase funnel (e.g. awareness, purchase intent, purchase)
    Set up a brand tracking program for the Dose and OMG Facts brands
    Managed paid social media campaigns with a six figure monthly budget
    Tested, optimized, and distributed digital content to make it go viral
  o    Designed, optimized, analyzed A/B testing of ads in Facebook
  o    Improved written and graphic content advertising creation through extensive ad analyses
    Designed research studies that improved existing business processes
    Performed ad-hoc data analyses for stakeholders across the entire organization (from CEO to associated editors)
    Prepared presentations for conferences/sales pitches

Market Research Experience

Business Analyst in Client Management | Market Research Millward Brown (Feb. 2015 – Jan 2016)
    Evaluated pre-market advertising performance - Copy/ad testing
    Tracked in-market advertising performance - Ad tracking
    Tracked brand equity - Brand tracking
    Conducted quantitative market research
o   Custom research studies, research/questionnaire/survey design, mall/online panels, banner & tab set up
o   Data analysis, stat testing, charting, analysis write up, presentation of findings/recommendations to clients
    Nurtured relationships with clients across a range of industries including banking, insurance, healthcare, CPG, retail – Client Management
o   Identified clients’ business needs and utilized best in class market research solutions as well as custom research design to inform strategies for meeting these needs
o   Recognized the story behind the data and presented it dressed as actionable insights that deliver real value based on the particular business need

Academic Research / Data Analysis Experience

Graduate Student Researcher NU Speech Communication Research Group (Jan. 2012 – Aug 2014)
 Recruited and ran subjects for multiple communication research experimental studies with NU IRB certification
 Researched intelligibility-enhancing strategies for foreign-accented speakers of English
 Extracted acoustic measurements from a digital speech corpus and organized data into spreadsheets
​ Performed extensive statistical data analyses (e.g. mixed effects models); plotted findings in easy to read graphs

Graduate Student Researcher NU SoundLab (Mar. 2012 – June 2014)
 Created digital speech stimuli to experimentally manipulate subjects’ acquisition of novel speech patterns
 Recruited and ran subjects for an experimental study with NU IRB certification
 Performed statistical data analyses (e.g. mixed effects models) and plotted findings in easy to read graphs

Phonetic Annotator Talknowledgy, Inc. / Nuance Communications, Inc. (Mar. 2011 - Apr. 2011)
 Annotated/transcribed US English speech used for the development of the text-to-speech software of Apple’s SIRI and Ford’s vehicles.

Undergraduate Student Researcher UC Berkeley Phonology Lab (Dec. 2009 – Dec. 2010)
 Investigated how multiple social and cognitive variables affect verbal behavior
 Created/utilized surveys and devised experimental design
 Applied for and obtained UC Berkeley IRB approval, recruited and ran subjects for an experimental study
 Extracted acoustic measurements from digital speech files and organized data into spreadsheets
 Performed statistical data analyses (e.g. regression modeling) and plotted findings in easy to read graphs
 Annotated interviews (US English conversational speech)

Teaching / Course Management Experience

Graduate Teaching Assistant (6 undergrad courses) Northwestern University (Sept 2012 – June 2014)
 Prepared presentations and delivered lectures in NU undergraduate courses
 Taught undergraduate students in regularly scheduled discussion sections and office hours
 Graded assignments, papers, exams, etc. and provided clear and detailed feedback
 Managed organization of NU undergraduate courses
 Managed NU Blackboard (NU’s online course management system) and conducted statistical analyses for grades
 Managed communication and resolved academic/personal issues as a liaison between undergraduates and faculty